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CMG Awards Action Grant to 5 Gyres for Microbead Prevention

CMG is pleased to annouce a $10,000 Action Grant was awarded to 5 Gyres.  The grant will be going toward the final phase of a Community Action Campaign that began with a scientific discovery in the Great Lakes, finding plastic microbeads in Lake Erie that were traced back to personal care products. As most of the microplastics found at sea are impossible to source, this provided a rare, scientific “smoking gun” to support a 2-year, collaborative campaign that recently culminated in a national bill banning microbeads products from US commerce by 2018.

CMG Grantee Releases Videos Aimed at Protecting Marine Wildlife in the Philippines

Action Grantee Sally Snow has released all five of her short-films, part of the Their Future, Our Future campaign in the Philippines.  The campaign, by LAMAVE, the Large Marine Vertebrate Research Institute Philippines, supports passing a new marine wildlife interaction law in the Philippines and educating locals & tourists about respectful wildlife interaction. 

CMG to award Action Grant at Camden International Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for a CMG Action Grant in conjunction with the Points North Institute.  Established in July 2016, the Points North Institute produces the annual Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) which has been recognized as one of the top 12 documentary festivals in the world.  The festival takes place September 15-18, 2016 in Camden, Rockport and Rockland, Maine.

New Filmmaker-in-Residence Creating 360VR Film on Kelp Forests
We are excited to announce that Erik Rochner has been selected as CMG's second Filmmaker-In-Residence for 2016!  Erik has worked all over the globe, on land, air, and sea, as a cinematographer and Virtual Reality (VR) producer for National. More info
Action Grant awarded for 360VR Film to Protect Rays
We are pleased to announce our first Action Grantee of 2016: Danny Copeland!  Danny has been awarded a $10,000 grant for his project, The Devil RAYality - which will focus on mobulid rays gaining CITES protection.  Mobulid rays are. More info
CMG Announces 1st 2016 Filmmaker-In-Residence
We are pleased to announce the first recipient of the 2016 Filmmaker-In-Residence award - Kristen Weiss!  Kristen's project A Series of Solutions will include four films each featuring an aspect of ocean health and sustainability related. More info