The Power of Storytelling to Create Change

We believe that storytelling can be the most effective force in creating positive change. What better way to engage people in taking action than the vivid and emotional language of film?

Conservation Media Group’s roots were laid over three decades of filmmaking in the outdoors and telling nature’s stories to wide audiences. CMG founder & director David Conover is an award-winning documentarian with a long string of credits including major productions for the Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream, the Science Channel, PBS Nova, and National Geographic, among others. Through his years of environment-focused production work at Compass Light Productions, David recognized the need to build capacity & community for filmmakers, activists and organizations to work together on urgent ocean health and sustainable energy challenges.

With the support of a small group of visionary organizations & senior advisors, David launched Conservation Media Group in 2014 with a founding grant from the Lewis Family Foundation. Since then, the team at CMG has launched six new grant programs & a series of workshops aimed at bringing together a diverse group of changemakers to collaborate on video campaigns to create measurable change.

Now completing our third year, Conservation Media Group is actively developing our network of ocean & energy focused filmmakers, artists, activists, social media mavens, strategists, and organizations. Through a host of CMG residencies, grants, fellowships and workshops, we’re helping change the way you use video as a tool to create action and impact. Our long-view mission is to catalyze forward movement towards healthier oceans and a sustainable energy future.

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We work with engaged filmmakers and organizations all over the world and we welcome your inquiries, feedback and comments. In fact, if you’re in a beautiful place, send us a postcard and say hello!

We generally do not accept unsolicited proposals for grants, fellowships & residencies. However, we also know that if you believe in something, anything is possible. So, feel free to connect with us via this form. Please do not waste paper and resources by sending hard copy documents, films, or proposals. We cannot respond to every inquiry, but we will do our best. Thank you for your work towards healthy oceans & a sustainable energy future.

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