Oceans & Plastic Catalyst Workshop - Now Accepting Applications

We are currently accepting applications for our 2017 Oceans & Plastic Catalyst Workshop, which runs from May 1-4, 2017. Whether you’re working to stop ocean pollution at its source, reduce the amount of plastics already in the ocean, or protect beloved species from trash pollution, this is the workshop for you.

Activist Filmmaker Awarded CMG Fellowship with 350.org

Congratulations to Aleksei Wagner, our newest CMG Fellow! Aleksei begins his CMG Fellowship today with 350.org in Brooklyn, New York. This 8-month CMG Fellowship provides for a $40,000 fellowship stipend, in addition to in-kind support from 350.org and Conservation Media Group. Aleksei brings with him an impressive history of using video for activism including experience with organizing, training, editing, producing and directing.

Grantee Film Sways Undecided Nations at CoP17, Gains Protection for Mobulid Rays

We kick off our 2017 blog series with an excellent example of a grantee who used film to create impact.  Action Grantee Danny Copeland has wrapped up his successful campaign Love Mini Mantas, and delivered us his incredibly thorough and detailed final report this week.  The project hoped to assist in gaining protection for mobulid rays, whose gill plates have been highly desireable in Asian medicine, endangering the existence of the species. 

CMG Grantee Alex Finn Discusses Using Interactive Media to Create Impact

This week we caught up with Action Grantee Alex Finn, who recently released his short film Becoming a Whale Heritage Site, to talk about the variety of interactive media he and the World Cetacean Alliance are using to promote their campaign. Here's more on how they're using multiple films and formats to create impact:

Filmmaker-in-Residence Captures Kelp in VR

CMG Filmmaker-in-Residence Erik Rochner has wrapped up production for his VR film about kelp forests off the coast of California. Erik's film is shot with 360VR and aims to illustrate the multiple factors affecting the current decline of kelp. The film will show viewers how a broad spectrum of anthropogenic and natural causes are at play, such as warming, ocean acidification, pollutions, introduction of invasive species, among others.

Islands & Climate Workshop Creates Strong Bonds and Inspired Ideas

We just finished up an incredible 4-day Islands & Climate Catalyst Workshop with an inspiring group of change-makers at Alnoba in Kensington, New Hampshire. The workshop was a great success, bringing together filmmakers, strategists, and organizations from all over the world - including participants from Fiji, India, and around the continental US. We are excited about all of the new connections that have been made and that our participants built a valuable network of resources personally and professionally.

Applications Open for CMG Fellow Position at 350.org

CMG is pleased to announce a newly created full-time CMG Filmmaker Fellowship in partnership with 350.org. The CMG Filmmaker Fellow will work directly with 350.org over an 8-month period in 2017 to produce short videos about climate activism & organizing to augment 350.org's video capacity.

CMG Fellow Results: An Increased Interest in Banning Single-Use Plastics

CMG Fellow Ayla Fox and partner organization Sailors for the Sea (SFTS) have been hard at work on their joint video campaign - and their measurement results are proof that viewers are intrigued.