Action Grantee: Hurricane Island Foundation / Off-Shore

Hurricane Island Foundation / Off-Shore

Off-shore is a film by CMG Action Grantee Hurricane Island Foundation.  Hurricane Island Foundation was given a grant for a three part video campaign - Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid. The campaign series encourages students, teachers, and community members to visit and experience Hurricane Island. This second film, Off-shore, is geared toward educators and follows the learning experience of a student in the classroom versus on Hurricane Island - showcasing the benefits of experiencing a lesson versus listening to one. It has a call-to-action for teachers to take their classroom to Hurricane Island, suggesting the benefits of learning outside of the classroom can brighten and inspire lesson plans. Learn more about the project here.

Hurricane Island Foundation: Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid

About the Project

Hurricane Island Foundation's campaign "Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid" served as an awareness campaign, promoting the programs and services available on the island and exciting their audience about science and sustainability education to help increase program enrollment. The campaign targeted several different audiences, all of whom had different interests and motivations for being involved in programs on Hurricane Island, with the goal to communicate the main theme of unplugging and visiting this remote, off-the-grid unique destination.