Action Grantee: Noé Sardet and Tierney Thys / The Plastic Vagabond (French)

Noé Sardet and Tierney Thys / The Plastic Vagabond (French)

A film by CMG Action Grantees Noé Sardet and Tierney Thys, and filmmakers Sharif Mirshak and Christian Sardet. The Plastic Vagabond was released in March 2016. The film, narrated in both English and in French (shown here in French), educates viewers on plastics as a major contributor to ocean pollution, and suggests a solution on what to do with the plastic found in our oceans. Watch as an engaging plastic toy narrator, Horsea Plasticus, takes the viewer on a wild journey from land to sea and back again, helping to cultivate a love of the ocean while at the same time highlighting the longevity of plastic. Viewers are asked to submit photos of their art submissions to the campaign's Facebook page for a chance to win $500. The contest runs from March 10th, 2016 - October 1st, 2016. Teachers and educators can also utilize the Plastic Vagabond's TED-Ed lesson to educate students about plastic pollution. Learn more about the project here.