Action Grantee: Sally Snow / Stand Out From the Crowd / LAMAVE

Sally Snow / Stand Out From the Crowd (English)

This is a film by Action Grantee Sally Snow. The fifth and final in the series of five films championing sustainable marine wildlife tourism in the Philippines. This film stars cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and demonstrates how to avoid overcrowding animals, by making our own path, rather than simply following the crowd.  Learn more about Sally's project here.

Sally Snow: Their Future Our Future

About the Project

Sally Snow's My Future is Your Future videos are part of a campaign by LAMAVE, The Large Marine Vertebrate Research Institute Philippines, to support passing a new marine wildlife interaction law in the Philippines and to educate locals & tourists about respectful wildlife interaction. The project will consist of a set of 1-minute videos to "inspire, educate, and empower, while creating a sense of respect and ownership over our actions."

CMG met Sally through our Action Grant pitch session at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Her project was one of eight finalists chosen to pitch and was selected as one of three winners. CMG awarded My Future is Your Future a $10,000 grant to cover necessary production and distribution costs over the next year.