Action Grantee: Shalini Kantayya / Suncatcher Series: Van

Shalini Kantayya: Suncatcher series / Van

This film is one of multiple shorts done by Action Grantee Shalini Kantayaa for her Suncatcher series - which drew from her feature film Catching the Sun (released on Netflix on Earth Day 2016).

The shorts have been featured in major press outlets including Grist and Indiewire. Grassroots partners in Richmond, California (where much of the feature film is set) and in North Carolina are using the films to support solar jobs training programs and just transition organizing. Vote Solar used one of the short films to launch a Solar Right Pledge that will be delivered to decision makers shaping solar policies around the U.S. In 2017, the shorts will be used within a national campus initiative to engage the leaders of tomorrow: students and young professionals. Each film directs viewers to, a website that has opportunities to take direct and locally relevant action.

Vote Solar also has plans to utilize the short films within trainings and outreach in 2017, and will use it online to gain signatures to their Solar Rights pledge, which launched with Working Films’ posting of the Net Metering short film in the Suncatcher series. They are starting a social media campaign to gain attention and signatures to the pledge in December 2016.

Shalini Kantayya: Suncatcher

About the Project

Shalini Kantayya's Suncatcher video campaign built on her feature length film, Catching the Sun, to engage and empower local communities across the country with the tools to access and advocate for solar energy on a local level.