CMG Fellow: Ayla Fox / Trashy Boyfriend / Sailors for the Sea

Ayla Fox / Trashy Boyfriend

Trashy Boyfriend is CMG Fellow Ayla Fox and host Sailors for the Sea's second and final film.  The short film, which released in December 2016, cleverly shows the impact that pollution has on the ocean.  Impact results are expected in 2017.

Ayla Fox: Sailors for the Sea

About the Project

When Ayla Fox, Rhode Island based filmmaker, attended CMG's 2015 Catalyst Workshops, she worked with Sailors for the Sea's Social Impact Director, Hilary Kotoun, a fellow workshop attendee. They worked together with their team to develop a video concept that Sailors for the Sea could use for their No Trash, No Trail, No Trace (NT3) Campaign. After the workshops, Sailors for the Sea was interested in continuing this video campaign work and so CMG arranged to place Ayla as a fellow with them, fall of 2015.