Hands Off Our Bottom! (English) / Bloom / Lush / Greenpeace & Partners

Bloom / Hands Off Our Bottom! (English)

CMG worked with Bloom Association to produce a video for their Hands Off Our Bottom! campaign. The video, also called Hands Off Our Bottom!, was released in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Deep-sea bottom trawling has been recognized by scientists as one of the most destructive shing methods in history. The single passage of a deep sea bottom trawl can crush ecosystems that took thousands of years to grow. More than 300 international scientists have called on European governments to support the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling in the northeast Atlantic below 600 meters, which is being discussed by European Fisheries Ministers. The Bloom Association (a Paris-based NGO) began a petition in 2014 to protect the UK’s underwater heritage with international partners, including Greenpeace, Oceana, the Environmental Justice Foundation, the Marine Conservation Society, the National Trust for Scotland, the New Economic Foundation, Nourish Scotland, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust & the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.

Upon launching the campaign the video received more than 4,000 views, helping drive to more than 15,000 signatures on Bloom’s petition to urge the UK government to support a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling.