Hurricane Island Foundation: Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid

Hurricane Island Foundation: Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid

About the Project

Hurricane Island Foundation's campaign "Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid" served as an awareness campaign, promoting the programs and services available on the island and exciting their audience about science and sustainability education to help increase program enrollment. The campaign targeted several different audiences, all of whom had different interests and motivations for being involved in programs on Hurricane Island, with the goal to communicate the main theme of unplugging and visiting this remote, off-the-grid unique destination.

Hurricane Island is located 10 miles southeast of Rockland, Maine and two miles southwest of the island Vinalhaven in the Fox Islands archipelago, Penobscot Bay, Maine. The island measures about one mile by one-half mile, totaling 125 acres. It has an interesting history as a granite quarry company and the base for the Maine Outward Bound School. It is also home to the Center for Science and Leadership (HICSL), a scientific and education community on Hurricane Island that provides experiential, hands-on education programs and research opportunities focusing on marine sciences, STEAM education, human ecology, sustainable living technology, citizen science initiatives, and leadership in environmental stewardship for all ages from middle school to adults. 

CMG met Sam Hallowell, Director of the Hurricane Island Foundation's Center for Science and Leadership, when he attended the 2015 Catalyst Energy Workshops. While at the workshops, CMG paired Sam with filmmakers Rita Liao and Jay Sia to create a Catalyst Capstone Project for the Hurricane Island Foundation. Together they developed a concept for the "Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid" campaign and video. The goal of "Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid" was to remind parents, teachers and students of the freedom and release that we can feel when getting away from today's busy, plugged-in world and how important that can be to our children's capability for learning and imagination. Their concept video for the campaign featured engaging music and an animated cord unplugging from a wall, embarking on a travel adventure to the island.

CMG provided $9,500 in matching funds to help catalyze action on this project. The Action Grant supported the continuation of Sam, Rita and Jay's workshop Capstone Project to help facilitate the development, distribution and measurement of the "Off-shore, Off-line, Off-the-grid" concept for the Hurricane Island Foundation. 

The final campaign consisted of a set of three 30–60 second videos as well as short-cuts of each video—each piece to represent one of the phrases in the campaign’s tagline "Off-shore," "Off-line," and "Off-the-grid." The videos will be targeting students, teachers and parents and distributed mainly through social media networks with the goal of building the foundation's contact list database. The goal of the campaign, and subsequent measurement, was be growth of the foundation's database as well as active registration into programs.

About the Grantee

Sam Hallowell is the Director and Founder of the Hurricane Island Foundation's Center for Learning and Leadership.  Sam has lived, worked and been passionate about islands his whole life. Born on North Haven Island in Penobscot Bay, he attributes the connection to the island and to the ocean as the most influential force in his life. After spending many years at sea, working and traveling, he returned home to North Haven Island where he began working for the Hurricane Island Foundation as the Island Manager in the founding year of the organization, from 2010 to 2011. After starting a small business and working as a carpenter, he returned to Hurricane in 2013 as the Director of the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. Hurricane Island is an organization that focuses on science education and research to help confront the serious environmental challenges that threaten our oceans and climate.  Hurricane Island also addresses the decline in science literacy in this country by training, exciting and inspiring participants of all ages to be informed and impassioned leaders of change, now and for the future.  When he is not living on Hurricane Island, Sam lives on North Haven Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine where he serves as an EMT on the volunteer EMS crew, is co-owner of Fox Island Printworks, and is an avid beekeeper. 

The Hurricane Island Foundation's mission is “to create and preserve an open and sustainable island community that supports and enhances the educational opportunities of youth from Maine and beyond.” The island is located 10 miles southeast of Rockland, Maine and two miles southwest of Vinalhaven in the Fox Islands archipelago, Penobscot Bay, Maine. The island measures about one mile by one-half mile, totaling 125 acres and is home to Hurricane Island's Center for Science and Leadership and Field Research Station. Both of these initiatives work together to help students and scientists participate in authentic, hands-on field science and collaborative leadership programs and experiences.

Project Updates and Milestones

Hurricane Island's 3 videos were released over the course of 6 months in 2016.  The videos garnered a previously absent social media presence that the Foundation had never before experienced increasing their connectedness and broadening their audience reach.  The videos were also emailed to 1,278 potential applicants with an open rate of 21% and a 13% click thru rate from those opened.  View Off-line, Off-shore, and Off-the-grid below! 

Hurricane Island Foundation / Off-line

Hurricane Island Foundation / Off-Shore

Hurricane Island Foundation / Off-the-Grid