Bury or Stop Northern Pass

Dear Governor Hassan,

We applaud your efforts to date to defend New Hampshire's natural and cultural heritage from the proposed Northern Pass transmission line. Please join us in making sure that our children and grandchildren can pass this vital heritage on to their children and grandchildren. Please ask Northeast Utilities and Hydro-Québec either to bury the entire project in New Hampshire or stop it altogether.  

Everywhere we look we see proposals for new high-voltage, direct current transmission lines.  In Maine, Vermont, and New York, new north-south high-voltage direct-current lines are being proposed completely underground or underwater; even Hydro-Québec itself is advancing an underground transmission project to connect with New York. Everywhere we look we see new, innovative underground transmission technology proposals.  Everywhere except New Hampshire.

Governor Hassan, before you host the New England Governors and the Eastern Canadian Premiers here in New Hampshire this July, please make it clear that New Hampshire welcomes each of them to our magnificent state. But please also convey the message that we will insist on smart, well-planned energy projects that advance a clean energy future and we will not welcome any overhead extension cords like Northern Pass that provide little benefit to the state, at the expense of our natural and scenic resources.


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  • goongarve goongarveabout 3 years ago Tangier NY
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  • aj Johnsonabout 5 years ago PENACOOK NH
    NH is a beautiful state . Tourism is one of our main attractions . I do not like the idea of huge towers damaging the beauty of our state .
  • Matpery Matperyabout 5 years ago Sigulda ME
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  • Largers Largersabout 6 years ago Kissamos TN
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  • RylShirty RylShirtyabout 6 years ago Freetown IA
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  • Deborah Clymerabout 6 years ago Concord NH
    This pass would cut through my back yard and the back yard of my neighbors'. The company could easily bury the entire line, they just do not want to spend the money. If it goes up, those towers will mar the beautiful landscape of NH forever.
  • Bruce Harrisabout 6 years ago San Diego CA
    This project should not happen at all. That said, if it does I'd rather see it go rather see it underground than a rape of the landscape. I was born and raised in North country in the heart of the white mountains. Do not destroy our land
  • Christine Herlihyabout 6 years ago Wilton NH
    We cannot let this scar on our beautiful and unique state happen. Not underground and not aboveground! Our great North Woods and White Mountains depend on its unspoiled wilderness. STOP NORTHERN PASS!!
  • Carol Ribnerabout 7 years ago Jefferson NH
    Don't want to see grid-work or power lines despoiling views.
  • William Davisabout 7 years ago Sandown NH
    I have lived in New Hampshire since 1945. I have camped many days & nights in these beautiful forests. Bottom line here....Bury any future power lines. Other states bury them. The utility companies should be forced to do the same in New Hampshire!
  • Daniel Zajicabout 7 years ago Whitefield NH
    Whitefield, the town I live in, is not thriving economically, and is almost completely encircled by this power line right of way. It would damage any future potential to attract tourists to what is a beautiful area with lots of recreation opportunities.
  • Robert Owen Williamsabout 7 years ago Franconia NH
    North Pass provides no benefit to New Hampshire residents and will have many negative impacts. The proponents are seeking to use Eminent Domain for their personal gain at the expense of the State of New Hampshire and its residents.
  • Irene Oldakowskiabout 7 years ago Bethlehem NH
    I live in Bethlehem and we have many summer homes here. Tourism is what the North Country survives on. People from all over the World come here. You be taking away our incomes.
  • Kurt Morgensternabout 7 years ago Derry NH
    The N.P. will destroy the beautiful White mountains for future generations, hurt the tourist industry, degrade the property value of hard working NH tax payers, while Canadian hydroelectric & southern states profit.
  • Sarah Oconnor-willmottabout 7 years ago concord NH
    My health, our states beauty and our future...
  • Josh Austinabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    I am moving to New Hampshire for the bucolic scenery. Even in Deerfield, where the NP will not be as intrusive, the picturesque tree lines will be scarred with the towering structures NP plans to build.
  • Paul Rubinabout 7 years ago Lexington MA
    There is so little wild space left.
  • Frances Cummingsabout 7 years ago New York NY
    As a hiker and lover of the outdoors, the preservation of NH's beauty is paramount. I AM In favor of hydroelectricity, as a clean source of power, but it would be good if even more of the grid is buried, as has happened in NY State.
  • Steven Stockabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    The Northern Pass will Devastate NH! Lets keep NH as beautiful as it is!
  • Courtney Kearley-Stockabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    I Love NH. The Northern Pass is Wrong! It will be devastating. Please do not let this Pass!
  • Judith Marshallabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    80-plus abutters/families in Deerfield are shouldering the burden for the corporate beneficiaries of this money-making endeavor. These are REAL people being affected and it’s the little guy who needs to be protected here, not big energy.
  • Jeff Steeleabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    Northern Pass should be stopped. Burial or not will permanently deface the state.
  • Torin Juddabout 7 years ago Deerfield NH
    I'm an abutter in Deerfield and own 48 acres of wooded land. 1) Our view would become obstructed with tall towers. 2) Our property on the ROW would be subject to drastic tree cutting. Some of those trees are virgin wood. 3) All this affects property value.