We Build Capacity / You Create Change

Conservation Media Group builds capacity for the use of video to make significant change in conservation. We offer multiple opportunities each year to support makers & sharers like you, so you can build collaborative partnerships and create effective videos for conservation.

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CMG Programs

CMG Action Grants
CMG Action Grants support projects that use video to create measurable impact in our focus areas. CMG seeks filmmakers and organizations of all ages and experience levels as potential grantees. Many Action Grants include matching funds from an organization connected to the grantee's project, but matching funds are not required. Included in the Action Grant is funding for production, post-production, distribution and impact measurement. Action Grant proposals may seek to create impact locally, nationally, or internationally and may be based anywhere in the world.
CMG Filmmakers-in-Residence
Conservation Media Group selects emerging or established conservation communicators as Filmmakers-in-Residence (FIRs) who then receive funding to complete work from start to finish on a video-based project with a focus on providing sanctuary for marine life, reducing ocean plastic at its source, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Funding amounts range from $5,000-$15,000 per resident. FIR's also receive residence at one of our annual 5-day Catalyst Workshops and may be offered up to 2 weeks in residence at our CMG offices in Camden, Maine.
CMG Fellows Program

CMG places talented filmmakers and media strategists within established conservation organizations. CMG Fellows are funded by CMG with host organizations contributing a combination of matching funds, in kind support and staff time. In addition to allowing video activists to pursue their creative conservation work within an existing organization, the CMG Fellowship Program also increases the capacity of host organizations to communicate their message and to measure impact.

CMG Focus Fund

CMG’s Focus Fund supports feature film length projects that aim to create measurable impact in our CMG focus areas of providing sanctuary for marine life, reducing ocean plastic at its source, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. These grants of $25,000-$150,000 may be used for project development, a pitch trailer, a portion of or entire production, and/or film distribution & impact engagement. Filmmaker applicants are encouraged to be working in partnership with an established conservation or environmental organization.

Blue Initiative Program
Our Blue Initiative Program provides a $30,000 grant to an international organization each year, including production funding, in kind support, and guidance, to create a series of short films aimed at engaging local audiences in direct measurable action. In addition, a short film is created to engage world travelers in protecting the places they love to explore. Funding of this program is in partnership with and made possible by a 5-year grant from the Grand Circle Foundation, whose mission is "giving back to the world we travel."
Catalyst Workshops

Our Catalyst Workshops bring together filmmakers, social media managers, campaign strategists, and conservation organizations for an intensive 4-day collaborative retreat. With only 10-15 participants, each workshop is a unique capacity building & networking experience. Makers and sharers are paired with conservation organizations on existing campaigns to create new media and strategies for significant change. These action-focused workshops act as an incubator for developing ideas, strategies and media for driving change in conservation.