"Disobedience" Available to Screen Online This Friday

CMG Focus Fund Grantee Kelly Nyks of PF Pictures is releasing his latest documentary, Disobedience, free for viewing online starting this Friday, April 29th. This sequel to the well-received documentary Disruption is a new film aimed to coordinate with the worldwide 350.org Break Free from Fossil Fuels campaign May 4-15, 2016.

"Safe Passage in the Salish Sea" Making An Impact

Action Grantee Jessica Plumb released her film Safe Passage in the Salish Sea in March and the results of it's impact are already strong. Since the film went live there's been real progress on both distribution goals defined by the project:

The Ocean Foundation launches SeaGrass Grow Campaign

We are proud to announce the release the first of two videos in The Ocean Foundation's SeaGrass Grow campaign! The goal of the videos is to educate viewers about the benefits of seagrass, especially capturing carbon dioxide and restoring coastal resiliency. The video drives viewers to an interactive website detailing how to offset your carbon footprint by answering a few simple questions.