What Virtual Reality offers Conservation Activism

A blog post from filmmaker and CMG founder, David Conover:

New media formats are always on the horizon. And just like the ocean waves crashing below me on a rocky Maine shore this September morning, they are also always piling up one after another, relentlessly shaping the ground on which we stand. The latest breaking wave is VR360, or 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR).

CMG Announces 3 Action Grant Finalists

We are pleased to announce our three finalists for our 2016 CMG Action Grant in conjunction with the Points North Institute and Camden International Film Festival (CIFF). The three CMG Action Grant Finalists selected will be attending the festival for one-on-one pitch sessions with Conservation Media Group and one grant winner will be announced at the close of the festival.

CMG Awards Action Grant to 5 Gyres for Microbead Prevention

CMG is pleased to annouce a $10,000 Action Grant was awarded to 5 Gyres.  The grant will be going toward the final phase of a Community Action Campaign that began with a scientific discovery in the Great Lakes, finding plastic microbeads in Lake Erie that were traced back to personal care products. As most of the microplastics found at sea are impossible to source, this provided a rare, scientific “smoking gun” to support a 2-year, collaborative campaign that recently culminated in a national bill banning microbeads products from US commerce by 2018.