CMG at DC Environmental Film Festival & Sylvia Earle's Ocean Challenge

A very exciting couple of weeks ahead if you live in the Washington, DC area!  Today is the start of the DC Environmental Film Festival #dceff, the world's largest showcase of environmental films.  Among the 100+ powerful screenings and discussions with filmmakers, scientists and environmental experts, there will be several films that have involved our Conservation Media Group network.

In particular, we are very excited this year to see the first public screenings of the films in Sylvia Earle’s Ocean Film Challenge.  They will happen Friday, March 23, at 7:00 PM at the Naval Heritage Center.  The films are short -7 minutes or less.  Each one looks at an impact that humans have on the ocean and the actions individuals can take to save the ocean ... and the humans who depend on it.  Several CMG filmmakers submitted films that fit the juried competition focus criteria: overfishing, plastic pollution, ocean acidification, sea temperature rise, and lack of marine protected areas.

We’re very pleased and proud to see that CMG grantees Tierney Thys and Noe Sardet have a finalist film!  The Plastic Vagabond is narrated in both English and in French (shown here in French). In the film, a plastic toy narrator, Horsea Plasticus, takes the viewer on a wild journey from land to sea and back again, helping to cultivate a love of the ocean while at the same time highlighting the longevity of plastic.  The film was distributed through its own Facebook page and community art challenge, as well as TED-Ed, community workshops, and through Noé and Sharif's production company (Parafilms).  Partnerships also helped, with Ecomaris,the Ocean Guardian School, Think Beyond Plastic, the Ocean Expedition, the Carmel River School,and TARA Expeditions.

For over twenty years, CMG Founder David Conover has had much fondness and gratitude for founder Flo Stone and her talented team and all that they have done at the DC Environmental Film Festival.  They have been huge supporters for many of us filmmakers, premiering our films as we try new approaches, and providing encouragement on many levels and for many years. 

“Thank you” Flo, Roger, Owen, Annie K, Bill S. Chris H., Maryanne, and everyone at DCEFF!