Finalist at Jackson Wild

A CMG-incubated and supported film was recognized this week at the Jackson Wild Media Awards. Mermaids Against Plastic: Tamara is now a Finalist for the category "Best Changing Planet Film - Short Form."  This award acknowledges the best examination (under 15 minutes) of our changing planet, including human impact, the environment, sustainability and climate change. Mermaids is the first of two short films that each follow an incredible woman -designated as a Mermaid- in her quest to protect the ocean they love from marine plastic pollution. These Mermaids persuade and inspire local business owners, visiting tourists, and decision-makers to stop plastic from reaching the waterways of Central and South America.  This is achieved by reducing single-use plastic, and adopting reusable water bottles and filling stations. The film is designed to be screened at dive shops and other local venues, as well as on flights in and out of Cancun, where most of the film was shot. Prior to receiving a completion grant, a team of filmmakers and adventurers met at a CMG 4-day collaborative Catalyst Workshop, organized and convened by CMG Operations Director Liz Smith.  With only 10-15 participants, each CMG workshop is a unique capacity-building & networking experience. Filmmakers and strategists are paired with organizations to create new media and strategies supporting campaigns and significant change. Alex Levin, Tamara Adame, Karen Fuentes, and Sylvia Johnson attended the May 2017 Catalyst Workshop on Ocean Plastics, where the idea of a Mermaids Against Plastic film and campaign was born. Last year, the group was selected as a National Geographic Explorer grantee, and additional production support to complete the film also came from Stuyvesant-Bard Films. The final production team on this Free Roaming Studios film included: Tamara Adame as a Mermaid, Sylvia Johnson as Director/Writer, Alex Levin and Valentina Cucchiara as Cinematographers, Joel Maysonet as Editor, and Joachim Horsley as Music Composer.  Congrats! 

LAMAVE Finishes First Film and Sponsors Local Children's Art Project
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Cubamar Film to Broadcast on Cuban TV
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CMG at DC Environmental Film Festival & Sylvia Earle's Ocean Challenge
A very exciting couple of weeks ahead if you live in the Washington, DC area!  Today is the start of the DC Environmental Film Festival #dceff, the world's largest showcase of environmental films.  Among the 100+ powerful screenings and. More info