Blue Initiative Grantee: Mediterranean Conservation Society / Invasive Species (Turkish)

Mediterranean Conservation Society: Invasive Species (Turkish)

Mediterranean Conservation Society's film Invasive Species resulted in a 400% increase in demand for invasive species and a 20% increase in market value for invasive fish in Gokova Bay. The film was shared at local fish markets in Gokova Bay and educated locals and tourists alike about the usefulness of various invasive species that were populating Gokova Bay in recent years.  Mediterranean Conservation Society was our 2015 Blue Initiative Grantee, receiving a $40,000 grant to work on this campaign to increase invasive fish consumption as part of a community-managed Marine Protected Area. Click here for more on their project.

Mediterranean Conservation Society

About the Project

The recipient of the 2015 Blue Initiative Grant was the Mediterranean Conservation Society (AKD), based in Izmir, Turkey and founded by Zafer Kizilkaya. AKD has been building and overseeing Turkey's first community-managed Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Gokova Bay, just southeast of Bodrum.  One of the greatest difficulties surrounding MPAs is that once they are established, there is often little funding and few personnel to protect the area and enact any enforcement of regulations. Through innovative efforts, AKD engaged local government, divers, fishermen and tourists to collaborate on protecting the bay and their local ocean habitat.