Filmmaker in Residence: Eleanor Conover / Aleutian's West

Eleanor Conover / Aleutians West

Eleanor released Aleutians West in October 2016. The 15-minute short film that investigates the experience of scale and time in the Western Aleutian Islands. A lyric portrait of the remote, the film uses footage gathered during the 2014 research cruise as well as archival footage to conduct a visual inquiry into the past, present, and future state of the ecosystem. Anchored by conversations with scientists Bob Steneck and Jim Estes, the film also addresses broad questions about the effects of climate change and ocean acidification in this region.  


Eleanor Conover: Aleutians West

About the Project

Aleutians West documented the daily work of researchers from the University of Maine's Darling Marine Center (DMC) on board a July 2014 National Science Foundation research cruise in Alaska.  The project aimed to communicate the importance of such scientific undertakings to an audience outside of the scientific community. Itl included an educational component for the use of scientists in presentation, in addition to a short documentary on landscape, ecology, and human experience in the wild, serving as witness to both the science and the experience of encountering a remote yet changing environment.