Filmmaker-In-Residence Applications Now Open

CMG is pleased to announce applications for our Filmmaker-In-Residence (FIR) program! FIRs will receive funding to complete work from start to finish on a video-based project with a focus on ocean health or renewable energy solutions (or both!). Funding amounts will range from $5,000-$15,000 per resident. FIRs also receive residence at one of CMG's annual 5-day Catalyst Workshops and may be offered up to 2 weeks in residence at the CMG office in Camden, Maine.  CMG seeks emerging or established conservation filmmakers, communicators and artists who wish to develop and complete a project focused on ocean health or sustainable energy from start to finish with support and mentorship from CMG staff.

What is required for a CMG Filmmaker-in-Residence project?

  • Residents should aim to use video that explores pressing topics, need for action, and desired impacts in ocean health and/or renewable energy solutions. Proposals that do not work specifically in one of these two focus areas will not be considered.
  • Video concepts should be engaging, unique, and may explore the multi-medium use of video, such as using video in museum settings, exploring intersections of video & technology, or pushing boundaries of how we interact with audiences through video. We encourage projects that think outside the box for how video may be used to create impact.
  • Finished length of final video must be from 1-15 minutes, but the project may be comprised of multiple videos with a total run time of under 15 minutes. For example, a project could be one 15-minute film, two 5-minute films, or seven 2-minute films. Projects with a final total run time of less than 15 minutes will be considred; however, total runs times of more than 15 minutes will not be considered.
  • A target audience should be clearly defined. Target audiences could include millions of people, or even a single individual, but should be thoughtfully determined with a specific result in mind. Projects whose audiences are defined as "everyone" or "ages 6-100" will not considered. Please be as specific as possible as to who you are trying to reach and why.
  • A detailed plan for distribution should specify how the video will reach and engage with the target audience, whether through social media, traditional media or in-person events and networks. Projects should be aiming for distribution where their audience is located; and are not required to be used on social media if that is not where the intended audience is.
  • Partnerships with organizations and activists for production, distribution, and impact may be included, but are not required as they are for other CMG programs. The FIR is focused on pushing the boundaries of creativity that may otherwise not be possible when a project is funded for hire. However, proof of partnership with organizations, especially for distribution, is recommended for a competitive FIR proposal.

Think your project is eligible for a Filmmaker-In-Residence award? Apply today!

Good luck - CMG looks forward to reviewing your application!

Applications must be received by April 20, 2016.  Finalists will be notified on or before May 13, 2016.