Shalini Kantayya's Suncatcher to Begin Production

Shalini Kantayya's Suncatcher video is set to begin production this fall. CMG awarded Shalini a $10,000 grant at our Action Grant pitch session at the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF). Our grant will cover necessary production and distribution costs. The final campaign will consist of a series of 4-minute films making a call for people to advocate for local and state policies that create a 100% renewable energy future.

Shalini's Suncatcher video campaign builds on her feature length film, Catching the Sun, to engage and empower local communities across the country with the tools to access and advocate for solar energy on a local level. The campaign aims to close the gap in public education about how solutions like solar and energy efficiency have become affordable, and in the long term, can save the consumer money. The campaign will leverage Catching the Sun screening events as a potent tool in education. As the world prepares for the climate talks in Paris in December 2015, Suncatcher will create host screening events and create original accompanying short films as part of a social media platform to build and strengthen local communities that spread vital education and advocacy tools.

"We found this campaign engaging because of its positive approach.," says CMG's Amy Files, "By presenting real examples of how solar energy has worked for other communities, you provide people with a path for change that doesn't feel unrealistic."

CMG's Action Grants provide up to $10,000 to organizations & individuals to catalyze a project or campaign that uses video to create measurable action in ocean conservation or sustainable energy. We have awarded multiple Action Grants in 2015 through our Catalyst Workshops Capstone continuation fund and through partnerships with additional video engagement organizations, such as the Points North Engagement Summit at the Camden International Film Festival, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. 

Read more about the Suncatcher Action Grant HERE.