Now Accepting Action Grant Submissions

Our Action Grants program is currently open for applications for up to $10,000 in awards.  Organizations or individuals who have projects & campaigns that use video to create measurable impact in healthy oceans or renewable energy solutions are encouraged to apply. Key components of the CMG Action Grant are 1) measurable impact - we love good videos that raise awareness but we only support projects that bring about real change on the ground; and 2) healthy oceans or renewable energy solutions - only projects that focus on impact in these two critical areas will be considered for an Action Grant. 

Application Deadline: April 20, 2016

What else is required for a CMG Action Grant project?

  • Video concepts should be engaging, unique, and part of a strategic campaign to create change that can be tracked through key performance indicators.
  • Video total run time must be under 5 minutes, however the project may be comprised of multiple videos with a total run time of under 5 minutes. For example, a project could result in one 5-minute film, two 2-minute films, or five 1-minutes films. Projects may also be less in total run time; an animation project, for example, may only be one minute in length.
  • A clearly defined target audience should be associated with a specific call-to-action and distribution plan. Target audiences could include millions of people, or even a single stakeholder, but should be thoughtfully determined with a specific result in mind. Target audience of "everyone" or ages "1-100" will not be considered.
  • Projects must include a measurement of resulting impact and push beyond "vanity metrics" such as shares, likes or social media views to measure on-the-ground impact for ocean health & renewable energy solutions. 
  • The project's distribution plan should specify how the video will reach and engage with the target audience, whether through social media, traditional media or in-person events & networks.
  • Partnerships for distribution & impact are required if the applicant is an individual filmmaker or filmmaking team.
  • Projects must utilize video with the goal to create measureable impact in the CMG Focus Areas of ocean health or renewable energy solutions. Proposals that fall outside of CMG's Focus Areas will not be considered.

Think your project is eligible for a grant?  Apply here

Good luck - we look forward to reviewing your application!

Applications must be received by 4/20/2016.  Select applicants will be notified by 4/30/2016 and will be invited to complete a second proposal detailing further information about their project.