CMG Announces 3 Action Grant Finalists

We are pleased to announce our three finalists for our 2016 CMG Action Grant in conjunction with the Points North Institute and Camden International Film Festival (CIFF). The three CMG Action Grant Finalists selected will be attending the festival for one-on-one pitch sessions with Conservation Media Group and one grant winner will be announced at the close of the festival. Travel and accommodations for all three finalists are provided by CMG, and a full access festival pass is also provided by the Points North Institute. All grant submissions required a focus on media for measurable action toward either Healthy Oceans or Renewable Energy Solutions. CMG received an overwhelming number of qualified applicants, so it is with great enthusiasm we announce the three finalists. 

The 2016 CMG Action Grant at CIFF finalists, in no particular order, are:

Doug Woodring: Global Alert - Floating Trash

Doug Woodring is the co-founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, based in Hong Kong. His proposed media project, Global Alert - Floating Trash, builds upon the Global Alert app that allow users to report trash hotspots in the world's waterwaters and coastlines. Impact for the proposed video to accompany the app will be measured based on the resulting number of watersheds, coastlines and communities where the reporting takes place, the number of countries where postings take place, and the amount of materials that are recovered/prevented from entering waterways via cleanups and prevention strategies linked with the platform.  Gary Bencheghib will be attending the Festival on behalf of the project.

Jeff Talbott: Protect the Great Bear Sea

Jeff Talbott is the Multimedia Coordinator for Pacific Wild, a non-profit that works to defend wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest region of British Columbia – an archipelago that covers the central and north coast of the province that currently has virtually no marine protection. Their project Protect the Great Bear Sea aims to achieve maximum protection of the region’s marine and coastal areas by raising public awareness around the coastal First Nations’ efforts to create a Marine Protected Areas network that is recognized and supported by the B.C. and Canadian governments. The project will raise awareness of key local issues, such as priority areas for MPA designation, First Nations’ input and oversight of MPA planning and management, habitat protection for threatened cetaceans, the restoration of forage fish populations, the clean-up and prevention of point source industrial pollution, and fisheries management. The project’s goal is to ensure that all levels of government and the public recognize the Great Bear Sea as a priority for marine protection, based on its unique ecology and biodiversity.

Alex Finn: Whale Heritage Sites

Alex Finn is a filmmaker from the United Kingdom working in collaboration with the World Cetacean Alliance. His proposed project is a 3-minute interactive online film with embedded 360VR inserts that tells the story of the journey to becoming a Whale Heritage Site. The video will provide immersive, interactive insight into the life of a whale watching tour operator, his business, and the enviromental, social and economic benefits of becoming part of an accredicted Whale Heritage Site. Alex plans to measure the impact of the film through direct inquiries from an embedded call-to-action in the multi-media project, and through applications & sign-ups to the Whale Heritage Sites program.

The final grant recipient will be announced at the Camden International Film Festival on September 18, 2016, at the closing ceremonies. 

We wish all three of these outstanding media projects the best of luck!