Healthy Oceans Workshop Brings Together Talented Change-Makers

We just wrapped up a 4-day Healthy Oceans Catalyst Workshop with an inspiring group of change-makers at Alnoba in Kensington, New Hampshire. The workshop was a great success, bringing together filmmakers, strategists, and organizations from all over the world. We are thrilled about all of the new connections that have been made and our participants built a valuable network of resources personally and professionally.

The workshop ran from September 29 - October 2 and was filled with incredibly talented and passionate individuals who are doing solid work to create action for healthier oceans. We had 13 passionate individuals working on 4 Catalyst Capstone projects with our organization partners. The Capstone projects they developed were truly impressive, each one utilizing the skills and lessons learned from the presentations given at the workshop. Workshop participants included the Executive Director and Project Coordinator for SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Magazine, two independent filmmakers, an MFA Film & Electronic Media student, a MA Film & Video student (both from American University), the Founder of the Big Blue Network from Versailles, a Community Organizer from the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), an enviromental consultant, and both the Executive Director and the Media Director from the Large Marine Vertebrates Project in the Philippines (LAMAVE). Also joining us was our Filmmaker-In-Residence, Kristen Weiss, who is a Science Communications Fellow from the Center for Ocean Solutions.  Kristen presented on her film project and acted as a point of reference for Capstone Projects throughout the workshop, answering questions from each group and lending her expertise to each project being workshopped.

Our workshop partners included some incredible organizations who are working in ocean conservation, including the Large Marine Vertebrates Project (LAMAVE), World Oceans Day, the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) and SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Magazine.  We also had a variety of knowledgable speakers who joined us in person and on Skype, including Chris O'Leary from World Wildlife Fund, Jessica Clark from Dot Connector Studio, and Danny De Bonis, Online Video Strategist.  Our CMG team of David, Liz, and Margie was joined by Melissa Thompson, Former Senior Video Producer for Greenpeace, to run the 4-day workshop as leaders, presenters, logistics coordinators, and support for the participants as they completed their Capstone Projects.

While working with the teams on their call-to-action videos and engagement strategies, we also learned about legislation encouraging protection of fishing communities and marine ecosystems (, an amazing free online publication educating folks on ocean conservation issues and world travel (, the importance of celebrating our ocean on the same day each year to create community and connection (, and more from an existing Action Grantee on best practices for marine interaction through tourism in the Philippines (  At the workshop each of these organizations was paired with a strategist, who offered insight into the organization's mission and goals, and a filmmaker, who helped the organization to construct a brief concept video visually expressing their goals.  Each of the organizations presented their concept video on the last evening of the workshop, and each one was thoughtfully executed and well done.  It was truly amazing to see each team construct a video in just a few days time! 

Watch our Facebook feed for more info about how these organizations and amazing individuals are moving their own professional work and the Catalyst Capstone projects forward. We can't wait to see what they do next! Please note, we are currently preparing for our next workshop in November on Islands & Climate - and we may have an opening for an organization or filmmaker!  Don't miss out on this amazing experience - apply now!